1940 Born on September 21st in Bucaramanga, Colombia. His father, Mario Laverde Acero, was a photographer. His mother was Zoraida Pineda. 
1956 Started his studies at the Santander Art School. Bucaramanga, Colombia.
1957 Attended the School of Arts at the Universidad de Barranquilla, Department of Atlantico, Colombia.
1958 Began his Art studies at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (National University) Bogota, Colombia.
1959 Started his career as a Cartoonist working for newspapers such as LA GACETA, LA CALLE and AVANCE, (Cuban Magazine issued in Miami). His pseudonym was HENRY.
1960 His cartoons were published by the Colombian newspapers EL SIGLO, LA REPUBLICA, and SEMANA magazine. He began his work as cartoonist at the newspaper EL TIEMPO.
1962 His cartoons were displayed at the BOGOTA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, THE TEQUENDAMA HOTEL (Bogota), and at the BUCARAMANGA COMMERCE CLUB, city of Bucaramanga, Colombia.
1965 He joined EL COLOMBIANO newspaper as a cartoonist. Medellin, Colombia.  His cartoon works were displayed at the CENTRO COLOMBO AMERICANO. Medellin, Colombia.
1966 Was awarded the FIRST PRIZE at the THIRD INTERNATIONAL CARTOON EXHIBITION, Montreal, Canada.
1967 Founded the CARTOON SCHOOL in Medellin, Colombia.
1976 Founded the HENRY ART SCHOOL in Bogota, Colombia.
1982 Displayed his art work, mainly in ink, oil and watercolor in Bogota, Colombia.
1987 His cartoons were published in the daily issue of the newspaper EL COLOMBIANO. Medellin, Colombia.
1988 His cartoons were published in the daily issue of the newspaper EL TIEMPO. Bogota, Colombia.
1992 Died in October 30th..




Third Place in the Francisco A. Cano Contest of the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Art School). Members of the Jury: Martha Traba (well-known art critic), the artist Fernando Botero and the School Director Jorge Elias Triana. 


He was special guest of the government of The United States of America. He spent 47 days in the country. John F. Kennedy was the President of The United States at the time.


He was welcomed as special government guest in the countries of Germany, England and Spain. 


His permanent wood cartoon exhibition was opened in the city of Medellin, Colombia. 


He was awarded the First Prize at the THIRD INTERNATIONAL CARTOON EXHIBITION , in Montreal, Canada. Category: Portrait. Cartoon Title: "Red Sky" inspired by Fidel Castro's dictatorship.
His cartoons were published by the following newspapers: EL ESPECTADOR (Colombia), THE NEW YORK TIMES, LOS ANGELES TIMES, THE BOSTON TRAVELER, THE LAREDO DAILY TIMES, EL MUNDO (Venezuela), EL MERCURIO (Ecuador), EL COMERCIO (Chile), BOHEMIA LIBRE (Puerto Rico). 


Henry is considered one of the best cartoonists of the 20th Century in Colombia according to the "Encyclopedia Colombia-20th Century", published by the Colombian national newspaper "EL TIEMPO". 

2009 -2010

Some of his cartoons were included in the exhibition La caricature in Colombia since the independence. Curator: Beatriz González Aranda. Luis Angel Arango Library, Republican House. December 2nd 2009 - June 15th, 2010. Bogotá, Colombia.




"Henry is not an improviser on wood or metal. His skillful hands caress the skin of the soul, and tattoo internal beauty spots. He carves the irony and the painful grin in the lips, and outlines, polishes and gives life to the cold metal. He does not create mass, he rather pours his creativeness in a way that is almost astonishing and which also conveys an amazing self - confidence."

Carmen de Gómez Mejía - Vanguardia Liberal, diario colombiano. *

"If Art is in itself a synthesis and a full and precise expression of formal reality, as well as of psychological truth, Henry does widely convey these two qualities in a wonderful balance."

David Martínez Collazos - Vanguardia Liberal, diario colombiano.